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Chain of volcanic hills …
Lovers of wide open spaces will be won over by the green spectacle that this region offers.
The multiple hiking and mountain biking trails offer a wide choice of walks. You can also explore the Auvergne volcanoes and mineral or thermal water springs.

Intertourisme, specialist in organizing trips to Auvergne since 1981

Intertourisme specializes in organizing trips in Auvergne: Allier, Cantal, Haute-Loire, Puy-de-Dôme.

We offer personalized trips for groups and individuals for a duration you want.

Clients can choose their own itinerary or be guided by the recommendations of our professionals.

We also provide transportation and accommodation services to facilitate our customers’ travel.

With a team of professionals passionate about Auvergne, Intertourisme offers unique, authentic and tailor-made experiences to discover this region of France.

Which places to visit in Auvergne?

Auvergne offers a wide variety of tourist places to visit.

First of all, the volcanoes of Auvergne are a must for hiking enthusiasts: Puy de Dôme, Puy Mary, the Puys chain…

Spa towns like Vichy, Royat or La Bourboule also offer interesting visits, in addition to their thermal treatment offerings.

The historical heritage is also rich in Auvergne, with castles as well as remarkable Romanesque churches and cathedrals, such as the Notre-Dame cathedral in Clermont-Ferrand or the church of Saint-Nectaire.

The Michelin Adventure is a must-visit in Clermont-Ferrand! The story of the Michelin brothers is like an adventure novel: pioneers of cycling, automobiles and aviation, they were passionate about the challenges of their time and invented the culture of travel with their maps, their guides and signage. Since that time, Michelin has continued to innovate for a better life, always on the move.

Gourmets can stop in the numerous cheese-making villages to taste local specialties, such as Saint-Nectaire or Cantal. A 2.5 hour workshop dedicated to tasting, discussing and discovering not only world-famous Auvergne cheeses, but also artisanal and micro-local market products.

Finally, nature lovers will not miss a visit to the mountain lakes, waterfalls and gorges, such as the Saut du Loup waterfall or the Sioule gorges.

What monuments can we discover in Auvergne?

Auvergne is a region of France that is full of historical monuments and emblematic places.

Among the best-known sites, we can cite the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption cathedral in Clermont-Ferrand, the Saint-Julien basilica in Brioude, the Murol castle, the medieval city of Salers, the rock of Solutré and the Puy de Dôme offering a striking panorama of the region.

In the region, one can also find fascinating archaeological sites, such as the ruins of the Gallo-Roman town of Gergovie, as well as castles and abbeys that bear witness to the history of the region.

The rich heritage of Auvergne makes it a privileged destination for lovers of history and culture.

Which villages to visit in Auvergne?

Auvergne is a French region full of picturesque villages to visit. Here are some of the most beautiful villages not to be missed during your trip to Auvergne:

1. Salers: a medieval village located in the Cantal mountains, famous for its stone houses and its eponymous cheese.

2. Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise: a charming medieval village located in Puy-de-Dôme, known for its cobbled streets and stone houses.

3. Usson: a small village located on a hill in Puy-de-Dôme, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and a ruined castle.

4. Lavaudieu: a picturesque village in Haute-Loire, located on the banks of the Senouire River, with a Romanesque abbey and stone houses.

5. Charroux: a medieval village in Allier, with a beautiful Romanesque church and streets lined with half-timbered houses.

These villages offer an insight into the local culture and history of Auvergne and are well worth a visit during your trip to this beautiful French region.

Wine tourism in Auvergne

Discover the Auvergne vineyards through an unforgettable experience: a 2-hour walking tour, in contact with nature and the vines with a winegrower who will teach you a little more about the Côtes d’Auvergne vineyards, the work of the winegrower and everything else. throughout the year.

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