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Ajaccio, Porto, Bonifacio…
The island of beauty will meet all your expectations: dream beaches, protected natural sites, sunny climate, boating, hiking… It is up to you to choose your vacation style.

Intertourisme, specialist in organizing trips to Corsica since 1981

Intertourisme is a travel agency specializing in the organization of stays in Corsica.

Whether it’s a family vacation, a business trip or a romantic getaway, we’re here to help you plan your trip from A to Z.

We work closely with the best hotels, restaurants, tourist guides and activities in the region to give you an unforgettable experience.

We are also available to advise you on tourist sites to see and activities to do according to your interests and your budget. So don’t hesitate any longer and contact us so we can create the perfect trip for you in Corsica.

Which places to visit in Corsica?

Corsica is a magnificent place filled with breathtaking landscapes.

You can visit Bonifacio, a town located in the far south of the island which is home to an impressive citadel and white limestone cliffs overlooking the sea. Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, is also a place not to be missed. The city is full of magnificent historical monuments such as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.

If you are a nature lover, the Cap Corse region is an ideal place for hiking or walks by the sea. Calvi is also an exceptional place with its golden beaches and its medieval citadel.

Finally, the Scandola nature reserve, located on the west coast of Corsica, is a UNESCO World Heritage site which is home to exceptional flora and fauna.

What monuments can we discover in Corsica?

Corsica has many historical and cultural monuments to discover. Among them is the citadel of Calvi, dating from the 13th century, which offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The historic town of Bonifacio is also a must, with its ramparts, churches and stone houses. Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, is filled with museums and monuments to the glory of the Emperor. The Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral in Bastia, dating from the 17th century, is another example of Corsica’s religious heritage.

Finally, the Filitosa site offers a unique experience by allowing you to discover prehistoric remains dating back more than 8,000 years, including impressive menhir statues.

Which villages to visit in Corsica?

Corsica is full of picturesque villages which are worth a visit. These include Sant’Antonino, a medieval hilltop village with panoramic views of the surrounding region, and Pigna, an artists’ village renowned for its artisans and Corsican polyphony concerts.

Not far away is also Speloncato, with its cobbled streets and old stone houses.

The island also has many charming coastal villages, such as Algajola with its medieval walls and its castle dating from the 16th century or Girolata, a small village only accessible on foot or by boat which offers one of the most picturesque views of Corsica.

In short, Corsica is full of charming villages to explore, each offering its own history, culture and natural beauty.

Where to dive in Corsica?

In Corsica, scuba diving is synonymous with wonder: exceptional fauna with the presence of a large number of aquatic specimens, a protected environment conducive to varied flora and immersion in the historical past of the Island with numerous wrecks of boats to visit. Also discover the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will have understood, whether you are an amateur or an experienced diver, there will always be a spot for you! By diving with tanks or simply with a mask and snorkel, you will come across residents of the Mediterranean such as scorpionfish, mullet, sea bream. So, what are you waiting for to take the plunge?

Oenology in Corsica

Corsica has a vineyard that is unlike any other, the only island vineyard in France, more than 2000 years old, it combines extremes. The diversity of soils and hillsides flooded with sun, the maritime influence and the microclimates outline the silhouette of Corsica’s wine-growing terroirs. Reflecting a strong identity with millennial roots, the grape varieties are noble and unexpected.


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