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Nancy, Metz, Verdun…
The varied landscapes will sharpen all your senses: the Vosges, the natural parks, the spas.
The historic sites of Verdun or the Maginot line will pique your curiosity.

Intertourisme, specialist in organizing trips to Lorraine since 1981

Intertourisme is a company specializing in the organization of tourist trips in Lorraine. We have a great knowledge of the region and are able to offer a wide variety of tours to meet the needs and desires of our customers.

We work closely with local partners to deliver authentic and unique experiences. With Intertourisme, travelers can discover the hidden gems of Lorraine while enjoying quality service. We are here to help our clients plan their dream trip and provide them with an unforgettable travel experience.

Which places to visit in Lorraine?

Lorraine is a region rich in history and culture, with many tourist places to discover. Among the most popular sites, we can cite the city of Metz and its Gothic cathedral, Place Stanislas in Nancy, or the Château de Lunéville, one of the most beautiful castles in France.

History buffs can visit the Maginot Line, which was a French defense line during World War II. Gastronomy enthusiasts will appreciate local specialties such as quiche Lorraine or mirabelle plum tart. For nature lovers, the Vosges offer magnificent landscapes, hiking trails and ski resorts in winter.

Finally, don’t miss the famous Mirabelle festivals in Metz or Saint-Nicolas in Nancy, popular events that attract thousands of visitors each year.

What monuments can we discover in Lorraine?

Lorraine is a region rich in historical and cultural monuments. Among them, we can cite the Place Stanislas in Nancy, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Metz cathedral and its Gothic architecture, the Lunéville castle, also called “the little Versailles of Lorraine”, the Saint-Nicolas basilica. de-Port near Nancy.

The Lorraine historical museum in Nancy, the Cour d’Or museum in Metz which presents archaeological and artistic collections, and finally the fortress of Montmédy in the Meuse which was an important stronghold in medieval times. These monuments are testimonies to Lorraine’s rich past and a source of pride for the region’s inhabitants.

Which villages to visit in Lorraine?

Lorraine is full of charming villages to visit. Among the best-known villages is the fortified town of Nancy, famous for its majestic squares and elegant 18th-century buildings. The village of Toul is also an interesting stopover, with its ramparts dating from the Middle Ages.

The village of Sarrebourg is another picturesque destination with its pretty stone main square, old half-timbered houses, 13th century cloister and contemporary art museum. Additionally, the villages of Gerbéviller, Vézelise and Pont-à-Mousson also offer interesting architecture as well as annual festivals.

Finally, the city of Metz is a flagship destination with its Gothic cathedral, its contemporary art museum, the Center Pompidou-Metz and its historic district, not to be missed .

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