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Lyon, Annecy, Grenoble…
The Rhône-Alpes region welcomes you to discover its natural heritage.
It is home to 8 natural parks and exceptional sites such as Mont Blanc and the Gorges de l’Ardèche.
It offers a whole range of landscapes: mountains, vineyards, lavender fields or olive groves.

Intertourisme, specialist in organizing trips in Rhône-Alpes since 1981

Intertourisme is a travel agency that specializes in organizing trips to the Rhône-Alpes region in France. We offer complete travel solutions for those looking to explore this magnificent region. We do everything we can to provide a tailor-made trip, offering professional advice on the best routes, the best tourist sites and the most suitable modes of transport.

We also organize themed trips for groups and families, such as food tours, rural stays, sports excursions and wellness retreats. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the Rhône-Alpes region and are determined to provide an unforgettable travel experience to all our customers.

Which places to visit in the Rhône-Alpes region ?

There are many places to visit in the Rhône-Alpes region!

You can start by discovering the city of Lyon with its old town, its traboules, its Notre-Dame de Fourvière basilica and its Museum of Fine Arts. Then, head to the mountains to admire the region’s scenery, including visiting the ski resorts of Chamonix and Les 2 Alpes.

You can also stop in Grenoble to discover the Bastille, a fort perched on a hill offering breathtaking views of the city and the Alps. If you are a culture lover, don’t miss visiting the Palace of Versailles in Isère or the Museum of the Resistance and Deportation of Ain.

Finally, for wine lovers, the region offers great discoveries with the Côtes du Rhône and Beaujolais vineyards.

What monuments can we discover in Rhône-Alpes?

Rhône-Alpes is rich in historical and cultural monuments.

Among the most famous, we can cite the Notre-Dame de Fourvière basilica in Lyon, which offers a panoramic view of the city. The Palace of Versailles is another must-see place, located a few kilometers north of Lyon.

The region also has many museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon, the Museum of Confluences and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon. The region is also known for its natural landscapes and regional parks, such as the Chartreuse Regional Natural Park and the Vercors Regional Natural Park.

The old town of Annecy: Between lake and mountains, the medieval historic center of Annecy is an invitation to stroll and explore. With its cobbled streets, colorful buildings and emblematic buildings, the Venice of the Alps is a city rich in heritage. At the bend of the canals, let yourself be told about the riches of the past.

Which villages to visit in Rhône-Alpes?

The Rhône-Alpes region is a popular tourist destination in France, with many charming villages to visit. The village of Annecy is a must, with its canals and colorful houses, as well as the Château de Chillon in Haute Savoie. Mountain villages such as Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and Val d’Isère are also popular for winter sports.

The city of Lyon is renowned for its gastronomy but also for its charming neighborhoods, such as Vieux Lyon and Fourvière. Furthermore, the village of Pérouges is a medieval jewel with its fortifications. Other points of interest include, the village of‘Yvoire located on the shores of Lake Geneva, the village of Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye known for its architecture medieval as well as the village of Tain-l’Hermitage which is the heart of the Rhône Valley wine region.

Lake Annecy: Surrounded by mountains, the preserved area of Lake Annecy is a dream setting. Beaches, boating, walks, cycle paths, magical panoramas, nature reserves, castles: all your desires come to life on the edge of its turquoise and transparent waters.

Oenology on the Rhône Valley road

Entirely crossed by the Rhône, the region draws its strength from this rich and powerful river which lends it its character, as much as it sculpts its terroir. Terroirs, soils, climate, grape varieties and aromas… discover the Rhône Valley appellations! Rhône wines draw their finesse, richness and originality from the diversity of their 23 grape varieties! Go and meet them… From year to year, discover the particularities of the Rhône Valley’s harvests. Pebbles, granite, sand, clay, the soils of the Rhône Valley are as rich as they are varied. Each soil gives the wines different properties and qualities. Learn to differentiate them and become an expert on the region. Source:

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